Syarikat ini telah didaftarkan secara sah dengan Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) pada 29/04/2013 atas nama "NAA GREEN TRADING" (KT0294416-X) bagi menjalankan urusan perniagaan secara online dan offline.

Sekian, Terimakasih.



1 BOX ~ 2 PAIRS ( 4 PCS)

RM25.00 SM/RM30.00 SS


Fungsi :
-membesarkan payudara
-mengencangkan payudara

Cara pakainya sgt mudah :
1. letakkan rapibust kedalam bra
2. Pakai kembali bra anda
3. Pakai selama 8 jam atau sampai rapibust kering,kemudian lepas dan ganti yg baru.


1box isi 4pc atau 2pasang , dapat digunakan untuk 2hari

Benefit : 
● Breast enhancement, breast firming product
● Easy to use
● Improves skin metabolism
● Makes skin smooth
● Safe and effective

Introducing the safe and easy to use breast enhancement mask. 
This mask is designed to help women increase their cup sizes and also ensure the health and well-being of their breasts.
It's free of hormones, drugs, and other harmful substances! There are no side effects too!

It uses : 
1. Natural Angular bone peptide protein that can supply protein to our body while it restores normal metabolism to our cells.
2. Bisabolol, an anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy skin protector.
3. Sodium hyaluronic acid that improves skin metabolism, makes your skin soft, smooth, and wrinkle-free, increases elasticity, and prevents aging.

Size : 4pcs / 2 pairs per box. For 2 days.

How to Use :
Just remove a mask from the package, place it on your bra as you wear it for the day. 
In 2 hours, the mask will be absorbed by one quarter; 
In 6 hours, two thirds will be gone; 
And by 8 hours, the mask will be absorbed into your breasts for its full effects!

It is recommended that the mask be used for 6 days continuously and for 8 hours each day.
Suggest use every night before going to bed.
Use continuously for 6 days to see results.
Use 5 boxes for one full treatment.

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